This week with Dr. Jessica

I had another moment of clarity about Jessica Pivik in reading her latest column (which the Reveille had the good sense not to link to) today.

I think she takes herself seriously.

Jessica may actually believe her column is important and helps LSU students (who don”t know what Google is) understand the important sexual issues of the day. I hadn”t realized that before.

But she closes this week”s Googlefest with the line “I hope I informed those who are curious about [subject removed] with facts that help them make an appropriate decision that??s right for them.”

And over the past few weeks, Jessica”s “shocking” Carrie Bradshaw ripoff lines have given way to stats, (stolen) quotes from experts and detailed instructions.

Perhaps her “fame” has gone to her head, and – just like Dr. Phil – she fancies herself an expert because of it.

Or maybe she just ran out of Carrie lines and had to come up with a different angle.

This week”s Pivik: read it yourself

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