Somebody do the math for me …

I almost forgot about this total act of randomness that happened to me out in L.A. last week. Somebody tell me what the odds are of this happening:

1) On the rental car shuttle at LAX, I helped a guy in a wheelchair get up into the non-accessible bus (no, I”m not asking what the odds are that a jackass like myself would be so kind …)

2) I get to my hotel in Arcadia (northeast part of L.A., near Pasadena) and realize they”ve put me in a handicap room. When my co-worker gets into town, I mention that I”m in a handicap room and throw out the story of the guy on the rental car shuttle as an aside.

3) My co-worker and I go out for dinner that night in Arcadia, and as we”re pulling into the parking lot, there”s a guy in a wheelchair and another dude entering the restaurant.

4) This is the same guy in the wheelchair that I had helped onto the rental car bus at LAX that morning. I tell him hi in the restaurant foyer.

So in the second-largest city (and fourth-largest airport) in the U.S., I helped a random stranger out in the morning, happened to mention this act to my co-worker and end up arriving for dinner – on the other side of the city – at the same restaurant and at the same time as this random person.

And I”m there with the co-worker that I happened to have told the LAX story to.

In that situation, when I”m able to say “dude, that”s the guy I helped on the bus this morning”, what are the odds of that?

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