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Rock me like a hurricane … please?

The wife and I braved a swarm of costumed, underage, commercial radio listeners last night in order to see Jet live. The dirty Aussie lads have played precious few gigs in the U.S. this year, so the 99X Halloween show was our only sure shot to see them. If you don”t know Jet – they [...]

2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar. All for the Tigers, sit down and be quiet

I”d never really noticed the little area of Tiger Stadium”s student section where everybody sits down during the game. But my buddy Scott pointed it out during the Troy game last weekend. Sure enough, while almost all of the student section (the northwest part of the stadium) is a stand-on-the-bleachers-the-whole-game kind of place, there was [...]

Damn, you girls are fat!

So there”s this new CDC study out today that compares the average height and weight of Americans in 1960 to those in 2002. Of course, Americans are much fatter and only a little taller now. But here”s the stat that really floored me: The average American woman is 5″4″ and weighs 164 pounds. Damn! Since [...]

GTA San Andreas

The wife and I busted the seal on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas last night, and as she mentioned, Lieberman is going to freak. With about two hours of gameplay under my belt, I”ve discovered the following: • The dialogue (Samuel Jackson is among the voice talent) goes way out of its way to drop [...]

The Wisdom on the move

Back up the U-Haul, friend. The Wisdom is moving. That”s right. The Wisdom has a new home: Why the move? Well … why not? I”ve got a better chance of achieving my goal of world domination if I”m publishing at my own URL, right? You”ll notice that The New Wisdom is living under its [...]

This week with Dr. Jessica

I had another moment of clarity about Jessica Pivik in reading her latest column (which the Reveille had the good sense not to link to) today. I think she takes herself seriously. Jessica may actually believe her column is important and helps LSU students (who don”t know what Google is) understand the important sexual issues [...]

Gosh I’m looking forward to this flight

For those of you not up to date on The Cap”n”s travels, I”m sitting at LAX (9:50 p.m. local time) waiting for a red-eye back to Atlanta. When I get back to Hartsfield, I”m driving straight down to Baton Rouge for the LSU game. The plan: get some sleep on the plane. The problem: the [...]

Ken Takes Five

Flyin” through Dothan with my radio / Taylor”s Old Time Opry”s playin” Hank Snow … OK, that”s a pretty obscure Georgia Satellites reference. And I”m flyin” through Atmore, not Dothan. And Hank Snow”s hard to find, even on Sirius. But it”s been too long since I”ve done some stupid/fun crap like step off a 4-hour [...]

It’s snowing in L.A.

Well, not really. It”s raining, and apparently rain in L.A. is like snow in Atlanta. Everybody freaks. The news last night had reporters standing out in the rain like it was a hurricane, kicking at the four inches of water running down the gutter (they call this “street flooding”). They showed storefronts with sand bags [...]

Me? A Diet Coke problem?

I”m not used to getting lectured by stewardesses. But on my flight to L.A. this morning, a friendly Delta gal took it upon herself to try to save The Cap”n from the evils of phenylketonurics. During beverage service, her response to my request for a full can of Diet Coke was something to the effect [...]

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