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Have I mentioned how much this tree / power line thing sucks? The good news is that Ga Power is here, and we should be powered again sometime this afternoon. The bad news is that in order to get to the power lines, they had to chop the tree all to hell, and now I [...]

Dang these newfangled gizmos!

Remember the good old days when hooking up a television was a one-step process? Screw a coax cable into the TV and you were done. Of course, that simplicity came at the expense of video quality and programming choices. But after spending the last couple of nights mucking around with the new TV, I”m kind [...]

Always planning ahead …

Well, I hope Himmicane Ivan stays to the west of Atlanta, because last night we bought one of these instead of one of these.

A job for the LSU Season Ticket Revocation Squad

I checked out The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) this morning to catch up on LSU news. And there”s plenty of good stuff: • Auburn won”t allow RVs on campus this week because of hurricane Ivan. I guess they figure there will already be enough trailers blowing around Alabama. • [...]

Ah, Jessica

Well, Jessica Pivik is back (online) at The LSU Reveille. Her big shocker this week? The size of sexual organs (female and male). I”ll save you the time it would take to read her 517 words. Here”s the column in a nutshell: A lame “shocking” joke … a brief gynecology lesson … a fake quote [...]

Will UGA drop?

Heck of a weekend for college football, no? I”m curious to see if the pollsters will treat UGA (and Ohio State) as harshly as they treated LSU after our squeaky win over Oregon State last weekend. Consider: LSU played poorly – on a waterlogged field in the season opener – and barely beat Oregon State, [...]

The Streak

OK, I don”t know if it”s a Web exclusive or not (I haven”t seen them anywhere yet), but thanks to my mole J-Man at LSU, The Wisdom is proud to bring you photos of the streaker who came out during the rain delay before last Saturday”s LSU / Oregon State game. Running the post pattern [...]

Aren’t those Beaver fans cute?

A piece came across my Yahoo – LSU Sports feed this morning that was a narrative of tailgating at LSU written by an Oregon State fan. The child-like innocence expressed by this LSU tailgate virgin was quite sweet. Elaborate barbecues included stuffed pork on skewers, jambalaya, shrimp, alligator, deep-fried rice balls (mmm), and would you [...]

In the dark

It turns out we didn”t need to worry about Frances while we were driving back from Mississippi on Monday, but it”s put the big hurt on us here in Atlanta. Our power went out at 5 a.m. Tuesday and is still off as of 1 p.m. today. I blame Georgia Power more than Frances, though. [...]

Hey, at least we won it …

Loyal readers of The Wisdom are no doubt itching for my take on the ugly, ugly, ugly LSU win over Oregon State on Saturday. In short – we won. And all things considered, that”s the only thing I care about. When I saw the rain coming down, I knew the night would be about survival. [...]

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