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Another trip through LAX security

I”m sitting at LAX this morning, waiting for my flight home to Atlanta. Loyal readers of The Wisdom will recall that about a year ago there was an incident here that I call “the LAX meltdown” (I”m Blackberrying this in, so you”ll need to search for that post if you”re not familiar). The meltdown was [...]

Anne McCue Showcase

The wife and I were up in NashVegas this weekend with three tasks at hand – 1) visit the wife”s granny, who hasn”t been feeling too good; 2) get me introduced to little sister”s new man (I approve) and 3) see Anne McCue at an Americana Music Association showcase Saturday night at Mercy Lounge. Loyal [...]

More football poll logic

I”m off to L.A. this morning (Hurricane Jeanne notwithstanding), but I saw a piece in The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) this morning that does a good job of exposing the “logic” of the football polls: Iowa began the season ranked No. 13 in the USA Today/ESPN coaches poll. The [...]

Ivan’s track

I finally had time this afternoon to seek out a map of Hurricane Ivan”s overall path. It”s some crazy stuff. (click the image to get their full-page view) It”s almost like Ivan got to Virginia and was like “Dude, I was supposed to go through Florida like everybody else, wasn”t I? Crap, I guess I [...]

Network exec explains bias formula

There”s an piece about TV and college football that finally puts some structure around media bias and why USC is the darling of AP writers, broadcasters and the Average Joe football fan. According to Loren Matthews, who”s in charge of ABC”s college football programming, the TV guys root for teams who have: • Broad [...]

Today in history …

The photo below was taken 25 years ago today (Sept. 21, 1979). If you don”t know what this photo is, you may be culturally deficient. And if you don”t know what the above photo is, but do know who the guys below are … you have real problems.

I guess this makes Jessica my ho

The existence of Jessica Pivik in this world really presents The Cap”n with a dilemma. On the one hand, Jessica??s “sex column” is just so pointless and boring that I find it hard to justify writing about her every week. But on the other hand, The Wisdom continues to own the market for Jessica Pivik [...]

Weekend randomness

There was so much happening at Casa Cap”n Ken this weekend, I think bullet points are in order: • Damn kickers. Actually, in watching LSU / Auburn, I think I know what the big difference is between the 2004 Tigers and the 2003 National Champion Tigers. With Chad Lavalais and Marquise Hill gone from the [...]

Ivan, The Bastard

The wife and I are in the dark – again. Ivan smacked us hard. But at least this time we know what made our power go out – the 40-foot tree lying across our driveway. When we got home yesterday afternoon, the tree (which belongs to our neighbors across the street) was leaning, and we [...]

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