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Cap’n Ken’s wish list

If anybody out there is looking to do some early Christmas shopping for The Cap”n, here”s a gift suggestion. Actually, pretty much anything from the Johnny Cash auction would make a nice gift.

Friday night in W. Hollywood

The Dave Alvin, etc. show at The Troubadour last night was most rockin”. And I reached a new milestone in “The List” – actually meeting one of the celeb babes on my wife-approved I-can-do-her list. To be fair, I did add Australian alt-country singer Anne McCue to “The List” specifically because she was opening for [...]

Rose Bore

Being in Pasadena, I had to drive out this morning and see the Rose Bowl. Like everything associated with Pac-10 football, it didn”t impress me. It”s set down low in this valley, surrounded by a very nice park, but the stadium itself looked like an overblown municipal stadium, which I guess is what it is. [...]

California is weird

OK, that”s not exactly breaking news. But the level of weirdness here still amuses me. Case in point – I was driving around SF the other day and got behind a minivan with a personalized license plate (they invented them here, I think). The plate read FAMOF(heart symbol)1. I figured the owner had just stuck [...]

I, Terrorist

I just cleared security at SFO on my way to LA, after getting my first-ever full-on TSA search. Honestly, I didn”t even realize I was getting the full monty until the guys started opening my carry-on. There were no lines at security, so I”d breezed right in to the process. The TSA guys were courteous, [...]

Too weird

OK, I was in our San Jose office for some meet-and-greets today and I stopped in the break room to get a Diet Coke … (Loyal readers of The Wisdom know where this is going.) I dropped in a quarter, pushed the DC button and out popped – yep – two cans.

SBC Park

I had a meeting in SF this morning in this industrial area near the Giants” new ballpark, so I decided to swing over and check it out. I got mad. SBC Park is part of this huge revitalization of an industrial/port area on the bay. Anchored by the park, the area has been transformed into [...]

Heading west

I”m embarking today on a whirlwind trip out west for TNIJ. Three cities, five tasks in four working days. Also in the mix is a dot-com party that”s become quite a thing out there (more on that later this week) and a slight amount of free time in L.A. before I head back Saturday. I [...]

Row roulette

I knew before I left today that I was on a full flight. I didn”t realize that the flight ultimately ends up in Hawaii, which explains why it”s so full. But as I was sitting at the gate, I started to ponder my seat-mate fate for this five-hour trip. Maybe I”d be next to one [...]

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