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Another win for The Wisdom

Loyal readers of The Wisdom will remember a piece I wrote in late June about the really cool USB Swiss Army Knife. Well today, Slashdot has a post about a Tech Zone review of the same Swiss USB device. In typical Slashdot fashion, traffic to the linked review has overwhelmed Tech Zone”s servers. So just [...]

God bless those Reveille kids

OK, I try to cut the J-School kids running the LSU Reveille a break. Most of them were born when I was in high school, after all. So when I was trying to find Jessica Pivik”s column online last week (I do believe now that they are purposefully NOT putting it up) and came across [...]

Jessica returns (sort of)

I got emails from two of my LSU sources today that the world”s worst “sex columnist” – Jessica Pivik – is back. [editor"s note: Jessica is an LSU J-School student who fancies herself to be Carrie Bradshaw. I mocked her often during the spring semester.] But the funny thing is, her column isn”t posted on [...]

I’m sorry, Max

I drove my car to work today. My car – the Maxima – with its five beautiful, manual-driven gears. See, since the wife and I started our new jobs, we”ve been carpooling. And her Santa Fe – as our “new” car – is the vehicle of choice for the commute, as well as all of [...]

Pirates of the Village

OK, so the wife and I went out with friends at The Flatiron last night. While we were waiting on them, I was checking out the “Stuff to know” section of The Flatiron”s new menu. The last line reads: • No pirates allowed. Seriously. I didn”t think too much about it until a couple of [...]

Hello, Atlanta!!! Are you ready to rock?!? And are you ready to fight media consolidation and push for fair trade?!?!?

Last Sunday I saw one of those little Variety Playhouse fliers over at my pal Edward”s place. It was for a show this coming Sunday featuring Billy Bragg, Steve Earle, Tom Morello (late of Rage Agin” The Machine and now billed as “The Nightwatchman”) and Mike Mills (yes, that Mike Mills). Sounded pretty cool. “Performing [...]

Hello, TWMBICers

Checking The Wisdom logs today, I noticed a flurry of activity coming from TWMBIC servers over the past day or so. I have a couple of regular readers over there still, but this recent activity suggests a bunch of people seeking some kind of wisdom from The Wisdom. I guess it probably has to do [...]

More love for The Cap’n

Just days after discovering the sweet, secret message for readers of The Wisdom by Jesus-loving hair stylist Sherry Miller, there”s more love coming in for The Cap”n. I fished an email out of my spam box this morning from a supporter of Theida Salazar. Loyal readers of The Wisdom will remember that Theida is/was a [...]

Gimme an "L" … Gimme another "L" … Gimme an "I" … What’s That Spell? "Tigers!

OK, the preseason AP and Coaches polls are out, which used to mean something to me when I”d expect LSU to show up somewhere between 15 and 25. But I knew we”d be Top 5, which means we”re in the national title hunt until we lose a game, so the drama of moving up the [...]

My own personal Jesus Freak

Damn, this makes me happy. I was checking out some referer info for The Wisdom and noticed somebody had come over checking out which sites were linking to Loyal readers of The Wisdom may remember a piece nearly a year ago entitled “Will Jesus do it for 5%?” in which I poked a lot [...]

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