Let the record show …

So I fired up NCAA Football 2005 last night and checked out the “Historic Teams”. What do you know? Both the 2003 LSU Tigers and 2003 USC Trojans were among them.

I couldn”t resist playing my National Champion Tigers against the mythical (as in “not real”) “National Champion” Trojans. I couldn”t figure out how to set the venue as the Superdome to mimic the Sugar Bowl the Trojans would have played in if they didn”t have such a weak schedule, so I opted for a home-and-home series.

In Baton Rouge I beat USC 28-21. Not bad, considering this was the very first game I”d played and I had to get used to some new features and controls. Then in Pasadena we had a rematch – I won 52-0, holding the Trojans to under 60 yards of total offense.

Take THAT, Associated Press.

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