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12.5-cent Coke update

So apparently the two-for-one Diet Coke deal has been going on for some time. The other day a guy was telling somebody buying a Diet Pepsi she should get a Diet Coke because of the bonus-drink glitch.The fridge next to the generous machine is filled with Diet Coke cans, so I”m obviously not the only [...]

Let the record show …

So I fired up NCAA Football 2005 last night and checked out the “Historic Teams”. What do you know? Both the 2003 LSU Tigers and 2003 USC Trojans were among them. I couldn”t resist playing my National Champion Tigers against the mythical (as in “not real”) “National Champion” Trojans. I couldn”t figure out how to [...]

July 22, 1864

[editor"s note: Cap"n Ken has attempted to write the following piece, concerning a subject - history - that most people find very dull and boring, in a way that you won"t find dull and boring. Please bear with us.] Today is the 140th anniversary of The Battle of Atlanta. For those of you not intimately [...]

I just had to try it

After a week of getting two Diet Cokes for a quarter in TNIJ breakroom, my curiousity got the best of me. Was I simply exploiting some kind of Coke-machine programming error (and, as Robin puts it, failing my first ethics test), or is the company sending a subtle message out that they prefer you to [...]

For my readers back at TWMBIC

OK, so I”m finding out that pretty much everybody at TWMBIC reads The Wisdom. Only a couple of people told me this when I worked there, but now I”ve learned that a ton of people there read it, and have been readers since back in the day when I used to write a lot about [...]

Bear hunting is legal, right?

I experienced BJs this weekend (always a good time …), and I came very close to not buying Charmin to fulfill our bathroom tissue needs.   Why? Three words:   THOSE FUCKING BEARS!   Maybe you have no idea what I”m talking about. So let me catch you up …   Some time ago, Charmin [...]

As if 25-cent Cokes weren’t good enough

So I”m pretty well settled in at TNIJ now. I got the “toss you into the deep end” treatment, which I think is a good thing.  And, as loyal readers of The Wisdom know, one of the big benefits of TNIJ is 25-cent Cokes (comparable beverages at TWMBIC are 65 cents).  For some reason, it [...]

I guess my dissatisfaction wasn’t hard to see …

I got this email from a fellow ex-TWMBIC employee after he”d been told I”d packed up for greener pastures: “Glad to see you left [TWMBIC]. I was definitely shocked with the way they squandered your talents. It probably was a good “between jobs” assignment.” In my final days at TWMBIC, I got some “I hate [...]

While you were out …

I”d put a hold on our mail while we were down on the coast, with a request to deliver all the stuff today when we got back. So I just went out and wrestled the stack of very important correspondence out of the mailbox. It included: • 16 credit card offers• 9 sale circulars• 7 [...]

Since I have access to someone else’s high-speed connection

Here, in case you were wondering, is what the BBD looks like when he”s suffering from explosive bowel syndrome: And this – believe it or not – is what he looks like when he”s starting to feel better: We call this pose “The Alligator.

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