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In the next few days, the cry will begin that shopping malls and other public places suffer from a dangerous lack of “security”. This will come in response to today”s arrest of a Muslim suspected in a plot to blow up a mall in Ohio. Unfortunately, it seems like the terrorists do know how to [...]

Words our dogs understand

OK, you”ve probably seen this story about how researchers have learned that dogs can comprehend words. If you”re a dog owner, this is probably not surprising. But it”s interesting to see some scientific research backing it up. All of this led me to think about our dogs (Big Brown and Little Black), what words they [...]

Three pounds of pepperoni

The wife and I went to BJ”s Warehouse Club this weekend (I”m never one to turn down BJs), and true to form dropped more than $200 there. Not that it wasn”t $200+ well spent. We loaded up and will be set for lint brushes, Atkins” shakes and diapers (for the little black dog – sick, [...]

Cap’n on the coast

For you readers of the wife”s blog who”ve found your way to The Wisdom trying to figure out where she”s gone, I”ve taken her away to the beach. It”s a week of R&R before I begin the new job. We”ve got a week of basking in this sunset: But an escape to the remote parts [...]

We shall overcome

Today”s Wednesday, so I won”t be going to The All-New Ghetto Kroger. I learned a good while back that shopping at Kroger on Wednesdays isn”t good for my blood pressure. It is on Wednesdays, you see, that Kroger knocks 5% off of your entire bill if you happen to be old. And I”ve come uncomfortably [...]

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