Hey kids – come see the pretty green cloud!

This morning in Atlanta, we”re dealing with a chemical plant fire out in Conyers. It”s a BioLab warehouse where they repackage things such as pool chlorine.

A big, nasty cloud of chemical haze is moving out across the far-east suburbs as I write this. Here”s a photo:

This has been going on since very early this morning, and the Atlanta TV stations are living up to their reputation as clueless and useless.

Instead of focusing on information such as what kind of damage chlorine can do to a human and what you should do if you”re in the path of the plume, the reporters provided such valuable information as “To give you a feel for the size of the cloud, if this warehouse was at Hartsfield, the cloud would stretch all the way to Sandy Springs. If it were at Six Flags …” You get the idea.

Just now, a former BioLab worker called in to WSB to tell them that this chlorine cloud is no damn joke. Apparently the only way to get the information about chlorine poisioning out is to have people who know about it to call in.

I, of course, grew up in the middle of Louisiana”s chemical alley, and I”ve seen more than my share of chemical fires, spills, vapor clouds, etc.

This is a potentially very bad situation.

But, as the WSB anchor said a while back “I”ve never seen anything like this.”


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