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My new favorite ‘celeb’ babe

Sarah Bernard Ring any bells? Unless you”re a regular watcher of CNN”s American Morning, probably not. Sarah”s a contributing editor for New York Magazine and appears a couple of times a week on the “90 Second Pop” feature. And she”s fantastic. Not only is she amazingly cute – dark-brown hair, big brown eyes, beautiful face, [...]

A.B. gets Wired

I came home this evening to find the new issue of Wired in my mailbox. Actually, I found two copies of Wired in the mailbox, and thanks to the human kindness of the wife, Tye Fussell of 1282 Oak Grove Ave. should be getting his soon (stupid post office). Anyway, I dug in to the [...]

Hey kids – come see the pretty green cloud!

This morning in Atlanta, we”re dealing with a chemical plant fire out in Conyers. It”s a BioLab warehouse where they repackage things such as pool chlorine. A big, nasty cloud of chemical haze is moving out across the far-east suburbs as I write this. Here”s a photo: This has been going on since very early [...]

RSS Update

I got an email the other day from Norman, who had found my not-yet-publicized Big List of RSS Feeds (look in the left rail). Mostly Norman was complaining about his feed not being listed (it was an oversight, I swear – Espresso Sarcasm is linked in my rail and is in my reader – I [...]

War is Heck

I was cruising Yahoo! News tonight and came across two bits from Iraq that compelled me to write this very un-Homespun rant. The first was an AP story headlined “Morgue Records Show 5,500 Iraqis Killed”. The AP, it seems, felt compelled to investigate and report upon the number of Iraqi civilians since G.I. Joe came [...]

iTunes wish list

I wrote a few weeks ago about my lack of enthusiasm for having a bunch of credits for iTunes songs thanks to Pepsi. I just don”t see tremendous value in what is available on iTunes. I”m not a “singles” kind of guy, and if I like a band enough to pay for their stuff, I”d [...]

If you thought killing Haitians caused a fuss …

The first screenshots are out for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which will be released in October (we”ve already pre-ordered it at Amazon). And here”s what Rockstar is showing: Hmm. Urban youths participating in a drive-by. Another urban youth posing in front of his lowrider proudly holding his Mac-10. Yet another urban youth, baggy pants [...]

Welcome, YetAnotherFakeEmail

Our friends over at have switched to the very consumer-friendly business model of making every visitor register for the site before they can view any content. Being pretty familiar with their old business model of publishing the entire newspaper online for free every day (and driving down subscriptions and sales of the print version), [...]

Trust us, we’re the DMV

Word is that the State of Georgia revoked the registrations last week of about 77,000 vehicles “believed” to be uninsured. Note my use of quotation marks about “believed”. I”m all for getting uninsured motorists off the road. Down in the “hood, I bet more than half of the Impalas and Delta 88s flying down Moreland [...]

yep, it’s Rod Dreher

This from our “Nobody Will Get This But Lee, TCL & Scott” department: I was enjoying a click-stream-of-consciousness through some blogs tonight that ultimately led me to a post on dealing with how the Dallas Morning News handled the beheading photos of Nick Berg. In that post was this seemingly-insignificant line: “Editorial writer Rod [...]

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