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View from above

Tonight, I stumbled across one of those online destinations that I get hooked in to deeper than a Louisiana chemical plant worker playing video poker. It”s the National Map Viewer brought to you by the fine folks at the U.S. Geological Survey. Essentially, it”s a big, click-to-zoom database of all sorts of geographic images, maps [...]

because terrorists prefer Wal-Mart

The TSA is considering doing away with the post-Sept. 11 restriction that lets only ticketed passengers past airport security checkpoints. “Why would they do that?”, you might ask. Is it because the TSA recognizes that there”s no harm a non-flying person who goes through a metal detector can do on the concourse that a flying [...]

Paying off

I”m starting to feel pretty good about my decision to spend $5.99 a month for DishNetwork”s equipment protection program. Loyal readers of the Wisdom will remember I was offered a free replacement DishPVR 501 if I took up the protection (after my 501 was already broken). So Wednesday night, the batteries went dead in the [...]

rinse, then repeat.

As I was waiting for a pot of coffee to brew at the office this afternoon, I noticed a big red box sitting atop the employee medicine cabinet. It is labeled “Bodily Fluid Disposal Kit.” So here – I kid you not – are the 12-step “Directions for use” for the kit: 1) Put on [...]

Pivik by popular demand

The Wisdom gets a lot of traffic from Google searches on “Jessica Pivik“, so I guess I have a civic duty to keep up the commentary. Plus, this “Ann” (or is it “Jessica”) person keeps dropping in to leave comments supporting Pivik, so who am I do deny the public this forum? [editor"s note: The [...]

Strapping on the feeds bag

I”ve become reliant on RSS feeds to the point that if something online is not available in an RSS feed, chances are I”m not seeing it. So, as a public service, I”m presenting my own roundup of the feeds I like, the tools I like and especially what”s currently lacking in the RSS world. RSS [...]

and smart, too

Tonight, the wife and I watched a good bit of the Miss USA pageant, Donald Trump”s slightly-more-trashy-than-Miss-America parade of over-made-up girls with fake smiles. We watched for a couple of reasons. First, it”s fun to mock the contestants. The girl from Utah looked like some Mormon version of Jenny McCarthy, more than a few looked [...]

Tuning the bullshit meter

There”s a story out today about a British dude who “sold all of his possessions“, raised $135,000, bet it all on one spin of roulette in Vegas this weekend – and won. It sent the Cap”n Ken Bullshit Meter to about 7 (in comparison, the “girl wins slam-dunk contest” story was a full 10 on [...]

The ugly ducklings

When the wife came home tonight, she hipped me to something on Fox called “The Swan.” The show, she told me, will take ugly women, try to make them “pretty” and put them in a “beauty pageant”. Seriously. So, with wifey out at girls” night and Fox running and encore of Monday”s show, I had [...]


I”ll be really glad when the clock strikes 12 tonight and the date rolls from April 5 to April 6. And not just because April 6 is the wife and my 2nd anniversary. I”ll just be glad to be done with the dead-hero worship that”s been all over the media today to mark the 10th [...]

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