Google IPO filing

One of my old jobs required me to go through SEC filings fairly frequently, and I admit I enjoyed digging through details of company operations, results and discussions of their business.

So, couple that interest with Google filing their initial IPO prospectus today, I”m in web-geek/SEC-filing-geek heaven. Google”s by far the most intriguing web company out there today, and the S-1 filing gives a fascinating glimpse into their operations.

Wired has done a great job highlighting elements of Google”s typically unconventional filing, so I won”t try to compete with that. But after wading through 161 pages of the filing, I”m at least going to throw out a few observations:

- Larry and Sergey (Google founders) will become billionaires when the stock price hits about $25 a share.

- Google is pacing to do about $1.2 billion in revenue this year. The year of its IPO, Yahoo! generated $19 million in revenue.

- With just under 2,000 employees, Google is generating about $600,000 in revenue per employee (that”s high)

- Google is probably the only company whose SEC filing will include the section heading “Don”t Be Evil”

Got a few hours to kill? Read the Google S-1

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