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Google IPO filing

One of my old jobs required me to go through SEC filings fairly frequently, and I admit I enjoyed digging through details of company operations, results and discussions of their business. So, couple that interest with Google filing their initial IPO prospectus today, I”m in web-geek/SEC-filing-geek heaven. Google”s by far the most intriguing web company [...]

Weekly Pivik roundup

I think LSU Reveille “sex columnist” Jessica Pivik must have been called on the carpet by the paper”s faculty advisor or something, because this week she attempted to write a meaningful and serious piece about being gay at LSU. She failed, of course. She talked with both a gay man and a lesbian to gain [...]

Feeling good about the ‘Fe

When the wife told me about a year and a half ago that she thought the Hyundai Santa Fe might be the right SUV for her, I was – to say the least – skeptical. I”d seen enough rusted-out, smoke-spewing Hyundai Excels over the years to have a very clear and lasting impression of that [...]

At our house, the Little Black Dog plays the same game with guests

Never let it be said that the Louisiana Legislature isn”t on the cutting edge of social responsibility. A bill was approved in the state House of Representatives today that would outlaw “hog-dog” events in the state. For those of you not fortunate enough to have spent significant time in north Louisiana, “hog-dog” refers to a [...]

Cap’n Ken’s offseason overanalysis of the BCS

[editor"s note: if you"re not a fan of college football, please move along.] The Lords of the BCS are meeting this week to talk about how to “fix” the system that allowed USC to be incorrectly called national champions by some after last season. I suggest a simple solution: Print the rules of the BCS [...]


I guess I shouldn”t feel as guilty as I do when I refer to our DishNetwork DVRs as “TiVos.” From Wired: TiVo faces off with clones. So I”m not the only one who thinks it”s much easier to talk about “something I have on the TiVo” rather than “something I have on the DVR.” And, [...]


Pat Tillman, the NFL player who felt so compelled to serve America in the wake of Sept. 11 that he quit football and became an Army Ranger, was killed in combat yesterday in Afghanistan. The Web is full of tributes to Tillman, and I”m not breaking any ground by writing about his amazing heroism, but [...]

We will teach our twisted speech to the young believers

Thanks to the fine folks at Boing Boing, I came across a musical project today called London, Booted. London, Booted is kind of like The Grey Album “mash-up” put out earlier this year, but was created as a challenge to DJs. Their mission was to deconstruct, rework, reimagine or otherwise mess around with tracks from [...]

Weekly Pivik roundup

I”m switching to a new format for my weekly bit on LSU Reveille “sex columnist” Jessica Pivik. Hopefully this new, quick-read format will satisfy the appetite of Google searchers while keeping me from having to come up with clever things to write about a most un-clever girl. This week”s topic: Fetishes “Shocking” sexual reference: “I [...]

And all along I thought I was just getting teary-eyed because of the emotional stories of the women on The Swan

Here”s a shocker: Atlanta is the worst city in America for spring allergies. The pollen count that”s put out by the Atlanta media has a scale that goes like this: 0 – 30 = Low31 – 60 = Moderate61 – 120 = HighOver 120 = Extremely High The lowest pollen count for Atlanta so far [...]

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