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Sex and The Campus

My old buddy Scott down in Baton Rouge sent me a link Friday to a piece in the Reveille, the LSU student newspaper. It was a column called “On Top” by a student writer named Jessica Pivik. The lead of this particular column was “If diamonds are a girl”s best friend, hand jobs are a [...]

Insulted by Netflix

I started up a free trial of Netflix last week (mostly as the quickest way for the wife and I to see Lost In Translation – watched it last night; damn, damn fine movie). I used to be a Netflix customer a few years ago and aside from Webvan (R.I.P.), it”s my all-time favorite Internet [...]

A little more Dish dish

Since the Google Gods have determined that the Wisdom is your best source for information about the Dish Network / Viacom flap, here”s a bit more information for you. The big question here remains “why?”. Viacom will tell you Dish is being unreasonable; that the fees they are asking for are in line with what [...]

Dark channels

Well, the Viacom channels on Dish Network went dark at midnight last night (turns out the deadline was midnight Tuesday). Now, instead of Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, BET, etc., we get a message directing us to channel 101, where they”re playing a recorded message from Charlie Ergen over and over. I”m still supporting Dish in [...]

Three Times (as expensive) A Lady

Ever wonder what it takes for the marginally-attractive to maintain themselves as shallow Hollywood hangers-on? Well, thanks to the nasty divorce of Lionel Richie and his wife Diane (a former “dancer”) and The Smoking Gun, we have a great shopping list for would-be golddiggers looking to make the jump from “dancer” to “celebrity ex-wife.” Here”s [...]

Caught in the crossfire

Our living room has become a battleground. We”re caught in the crossfire of a pissing match between Dish Network and Viacom. I hadn”t really known about this war until a few days ago, when semi-subliminal messages began appearing on my screen when I was watching VH1, MTV or Comedy Central. In near-invisible type, a crawl [...]

Bring on the firehoses and police dogs

I really love the fact that more cities have joined San Francisco in defying the “law” and issuing same-sex marriage licenses. There”s that kid mayor in New York state and now Portland, Oregon, standing up for the idea that “equal protection under the law” actually applies to gay people, too! I”ve read a lot of [...]

and spit

I had to go to the dentist today. I”ve been bothered by toothaches for several months now, and it finally got to the point where I figured I needed to be an adult and do something about it. I think Tom Hanks” tooth trouble in Cast Away helped convince me there”s no point in putting [...]

The flag flap

Georgia is voting today, not only for a Democratic presidential candidate but also on a state flag referendum. I have to admit, I”ve not kept up on the latest flag controversy. But after reading in the past week about the upcoming vote and the lobbying efforts of some prominent black leaders, it”s captured my interest. [...]

Getting framed

With my cavalcade of LSU National Championship gear now coming in, I”m faced with a task that is way outside my comfort zone. I have to get stuff framed. Specifically, I have this front-page poster from The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper): And this swell panoramic photo from the Sugar [...]

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