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Faux Slamma Jamma

One of the first stories I saw on CNN this morning was about a girl basketball player named Candace Parker winning the high-school slam-dunk championship (competing against All-American boys). My bullshit meter lit up immediately. A story I read later in the day mentioned that the competition was set to be shown on ESPN tonight. [...]

Turns out the music just sucks

Researchers at Harvard and UNC have determined that file sharing has only a limited effect on record sales. Their findings, of course, drew quick rebuke from the RIAA (they”re lucky they didn”t get sued, I guess). But what they found reflects exactly my habits in “illegal” music downloading, and I guess it holds true for [...]

No title

I arrived home this evening to find the new issue of Rolling Stone in the mailbox. No, Ben “Ice” Affleck was not staring at me from the cover; this was the RS “Immortals” issue. This is the first of three special issues scheduled this year to celebrate the 50th birthday of Rock & Roll. RS [...]

Salazar endorsement withdrawn

As much as I hate to do it, I”m pulling my “endorsement” of Theida Salazar, a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives. Loyal readers of the Wisdom will remember that Salazar or someone associated with the campaign found and returned my wallet when it went missing at a Braves game last year. And although [...]

Framed followup

I owe you Wisdom fans a payoff on my hunt for frames for two LSU National Championship pieces I picked up last month. If you recall from my first piece, Michael”s wanted a total of $325 to frame a front-page poster from The Advocate (The Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) and a [...]

Music milestone

Over the past two months, I”ve managed to earn 15 credits at iTunes from the Pepsi free download giveaway. This gift of music would mark an important milestone in my life; the first music I would purchase in purely digital form. I began to think back to the other music-purchase milestones in my life. And [...]

4 out of 5 dentists agree

So I was at the dentist this morning for the fourth of five scheduled visits. No mouth-guard fittings today, though. Just a cleaning. My first in three years, I think. After the lady picked the little bits of tartar off my teeth, she reached for the high-powered dental “polisher”. She offered me a choice of [...]

I’ve Got Mail

I got a letter in the mail yesterday from my mortgage company, ABN-AMRO. It was addressed to “Fulton County Tax Commissioner” at my home address. No, I”m not the Fulton County Tax Commissioner. In fact, I don”t even live in Fulton County. The letter seeks to recover $3,881.06 in taxes ABN-AMRO paid “in error” on [...]

Everybody eats berries

Tonight, the wife and I watched Intolerable Cruelty, the Coen Brothers” divorce-lawyer flick starring George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones. True to its press, it wasn”t a great movie. The Clooney character was sharp and entertaining, and the film had its moments. But overall, not a top-notch Coen effort. The backstory (as presented in the “making [...]

Yo, Ben … you hard, bro! HARD!!

So I get home this evening to find the new issue of Rolling Stone in the mailbox. And staring at me from the cover was this image: Yep, that”s Ben Affleck. A torn-sleeved, unshaven, big-armed, tattooed, pissed-off-looking Ben Affleck. And he”s not shooting a remake of the classic Al Pacino film “Cruising”, which makes the [...]

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