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Cap’n Ken answers your search questions

It”s been a while since I opened up the old Search Bag and took at look at who”s finding The Wisdom. And now that the Janet Jackson Super Bowl searching has died down (and I didn”t even write about her tit!), here”s the latest batch of terms showing up: • airport patdown attractive – Well, [...]

Shock The Monkey

Watching the Grammys last night, I couldn”t help – we were saving up the DVR delay for Celine & Justin – but catch a promo being run by the local CBS affiliate for their Monday night news. It should be noted that the CBS station here in Atlanta is anything but the “news leader.” I”d [...]

The wisdom of Trey Parker

I just finished watching what I think is one of the greatest 30 minutes of television … ever. It was a rerun of last year”s South Park episode called “All About Mormons”. The wife and I saw it for the first time when it was fresh last fall, and I walked around in amazement for [...]

No title

Shaquille O”Neal (an LSU alum, of course) drew himself a $275,000 fine for cussing out a referee on a live interview the other night. Asked to comment about the fine, Shaq said: “No man, including David Stern, can do to me what FICA hasn”t already done,” Shaq said. While I appreciate the sentiment and the [...]

A loan is a terrible thing to waste

On the way home tonight, I heard a PSA on Sirius for the United Negro College Fund. The PSA featured a guy who wanted to be a teacher, but didn”t have the money to go to college. Thus, he is a sandwich delivery guy. It was tagged, of course, with the “a mind is a [...]

Super wrap

Well, it turned out to be a hell of a game. Last time I”ll mention this, but the game was won on a field goal where the first of the three key players – snapper, holder, kicker – was a 38-year-old NFL retiree who was called back to service when the Pats lost their two [...]

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up carbs

I guess I was destined to get on Atkins. I did SugarBusters (a fine Louisiana invention) two years ago, and it worked well for me. Then I got back on the carbs, and put the fat back on. Then early last year, my stepfather went on Atkins and lost about 30 pounds. And he”s kept [...]

Party of one

My Super Bowl Sunday is so boring (still waiting for the wife to get home from NashVegas), I”m going to pass some time by giving the CKHW take on Super Bowl commercials (at least the ones that come on in the first couple of hours) and other things I see during the game that amuse [...]

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