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Tag time for Cap’n Ken

I”m within 30 days of my birthday, which in Georgia means it”s time to renew the car tags. Both my Maxima and the wife”s Santa Fe come due for tags on my birthday (I”m listed first on her title), which means a double-treat of ad valorem taxes next month. [editor"s note: If you buy a [...]

Hey look, John Edwards lying … (not that most Americans would care)

With the Georgia primary coming up in a couple of weeks, presidential campaign commercials have started popping up on local TV. And I saw one for Socialist Senator John Edwards tonight that I felt compelled to respond to. Please understand that I know my opinion doesn”t matter. The wife and I are in a very [...]

No title

I set out this morning to update and make consistent my passwords for the different online banking/financial services I use. No, you won”t be able to guess my new password. When I got to Citibank, there was a link on the password change page which read “User ID and Password Guidelines” and within that page [...]

More random thoughts from the Buckeye state

Let”s just say I”ll be happy to get back home to Atlanta. This is a work trip, so I shouldn”t expect too much excitement, but Blue Ash ain”t the most fabulous place in the world. So I”m left to ponder the little things around me. • What an attractive air dam you have on your [...]

Baby, if you ever wondered … wondered what ever became of me …

I”m living on the road in Cincinnati … Cincinnati ain”t the place to be. (sung to the tune of WKRP in Cincinnati). Yes, this night finds me in beautiful Cincinnati Ohio. Or, more specifically, Blue Ash Ohio. A fabulous vacation? Not quite. Just work. My experiences here aren”t living up, of course, to the fabulous [...]

‘Coming up this hour, an exclusive interview with George W. Boosh’

The Atlantans among you are no doubt familiar with our town”s two news/talk radio stations – Cox-owned WSB-AM (750) and Clear Channel-owned WGST-AM (640). And if you follow the media, you know that WSB consistently crushes WGST and has for years. Anybody remember “Planet Radio”? There have been signs lately that Clear Channel is getting [...]

Yes, Dex is better than near-naked women

As the wife mentioned, we took in Echo Lounge”s Valentine”s Day burlesque show last night. And, as she also mentioned, the opening act was The Dexter Romweber Duo, the new incarnation of the Flat Duo Jets (Crow must have 50% ownership of the name). If you”ve ever seen Dex, you understand his genius. If you [...]

501 #2, meet 721 #5

So all this chatter (between myself, TCL and That Yellow Bastard in my comments, mostly) about TiVos and my own DishDVRs got me motivated to fix my sickly Dish 501 unit, which lives in the bedroom at the new house. The 501, which was my original DVR, has a problem with playback. You back a [...]

Buy American

So I”ve got the Virginia/Tennessee primary stuff running on CNN tonight (no, TCL, I”m still not back in to politics; but I always love to see how bad HoDean does on election nights). And I figured this was as good a time as any to actually check out what kind of crap we”d have in [...]

How about three tuners in the DVR?

Well, I missed the live Taser attack last night. I was caught up in True Romance when 11:00 rolled around, and I must have quickly and incorrectly dismissed the timer-conflict window on the DVR (I grab The Daily Show at 11 each night). But no fear. The Internet won”t let me down. On the CBS [...]

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