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At least they’re not taking up PVR space

There are certain movies I”m drawn to like a 22-year-old wanna-be-hippie college student to a Howard Dean Meet-Up. No matter how many times I”ve seen them, they suck me in whenever they come on HBO (or Cinemax or that one TMC channel we get). And two of them were on tonight. One”s a vastly under-rated [...]

God (doesn’t) work in mysterious ways

The Atlanta news has been dominated over the past couple of days by this home-invasion / double-murder story from Lilburn. A beloved Tucker High School coach and his son (a student at the school) were shot by some fucknut who broke in to their house. The only good news is that said fucknut was then [...]

And YES!, please send me periodic updates about the war on terror from the U.S. government and our trusted partners

I needed an updated database driver for my PC today, so I went out to the net to fetch it. And in addition to the standard-type End User License Agreement, I was presented with these conditions to agree to before downloading: • I am not a citizen, national or resident of, and am not under [...]

Rabbi Saban … a damned sexy man

Nothing raises a person”s profile like winning a national championship. And this week, in the wake of LSU”s domination of Oklahoma to win the 2003 NCAA football national championship, LSU head coach Nick Saban has a very high profile, not just among NFL owners, but also by web searchers who end up here at CKHW. [...]

Somewhere, Mr. Whipple is crying

For thousands of years, humans have struggled with a burden that is uniquely ours in the animal kingdom – wiping our asses after defecation. But, at long last, ass wiping has met its technological match in the Jasmin Washlet toilet seat from crapper-making powerhouse TOTO. I don”t know how long the Jasmin has been on [...]

Sugar Bowl wrapup

The wife did a fine job posting my called-in Bourbon Street reports (ala Charlie Arnold) Saturday night, but the trip down to see LSU win its first national championship in 45 years deserves a bit more attention. I was too wiped when we got home last night to get to the bloggin, so apologies for [...]

Lee Corso … right here, buddy

Good morning from New Orleans. LSU is the national champion. More on that later, but I”m compelled this morning to throw a big “bite me” out to ESPN”s Lee Corso. The first piece of last night”s SportsCenter I saw this morning was Corso, in his infinite wisdom, saying with much confidence that there”s no way [...]

Sugar Bowl Saturday Night

(*note: The Wife here. I”m proxy-blogging for the Cap”n, who is drunk on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and is calling periodically with updates for me to add to his blog. It may be a very long night. All times Central unless otherwise noted.) 8:07 p.m. We were thrown out of our first bar. TCL [...]

Sugar Bowl bound …

Well, not until Saturday morning. But there won”t be another blogging opportunity before TCL and I head out in the early a.m. It”s not possible to overstate how big this weekend is for LSU and Louisiana. Our first crack at a national championship in 45 years, and we get that chance at the Sugar Bowl [...]

You can’t always get what you want …

So Michigan blew it in the Rose Bowl. It”ll be a “split national championship.” That”s fine. It would have been nice to get a little clarity in this whole thing, but congrats to USC. The Trojans proved themselves tonight against a very good Michigan squad in a huge game. There”s no disputing they played like [...]

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