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Downtown goes to Buckhead … so Buckhead goes Downtown

There was a story in the AJC this morning about the city of Atlanta”s plan to bring Buckhead bars to Underground Atlanta. Turns out there”s a loophole in the new closing-time (2:30 last call, 3:00 close) that allows bars at Underground to serve until 4:00 a.m., and now the city has a grand plan to [...]

The mighty Kinchen

Oct. 30 update: For all you fine folks coming through Google and Yahoo looking for the video of Brian Kinchen talking “gay”, I was going to get it for you, but YouTube has taken it down. Bummer. But Kinchen is a good guy with a great Super Bowl story if you want to read my [...]

Tuesday in the ‘hood

Tuesday night trivia at the Universal Joint in Oakhurst has become a semi-regular thing for me and a group of guys I worked with back in my Evil Empire days. The U-Joint, if you don”t know, is a hip little neighborhood bar that used to be a service station (Universal Joint = car part, you [...]

This space reserved for people who aren’t handicapped, but who might otherwise find it less than convenient to park more than 4 spaces from the door

I went up to Harry”s Farmers Market at lunch today. Yes, despite the buyout by Whole Foods, there are still two (I think) Harry”s left here in Atlanta. Harry”s was – and is – a wonderful place. Back when I lived in Roswell & Alpharetta, I was there all the time. I”d take friends and [...]

Worth at least 1,000 words …

I mentioned a while back in my Fame, fortune and friends piece that one of the “famous” people I know is Bill Davis, founder and frontman of Dash Rip Rock. Dash, if you don”t know, is Baton Rouge”s most famous musical export since John Fred and The Playboys. So every once in a while, I [...]

Nuzzle puzzle

I”m minding my own business today when I get an email from a fellow blogger I”ll refer to as “Jake”*. It read: “I can”t believe none of us has blogged about the frequently run banner ad picture on all of our blogs that depicts a guy eating a girl”s ass. It”s been running for a [...]

Curb your enthusiasm

The wife and I (and friends) went to the Glenwood Park kickoff reception last night. It was hosted by the big cheese – Charles Brewer – himself and served as the official launch of home sales for the project. For those of you who don”t know about Glenwood Park, it”s a project that”s turning 28 [...]

A maple-flavored breakfast sausage by any other name would taste just as sweet

When I created my little “Jimmy Dean for America” button (left rail of the Wisdom), I didn”t realize controversy was about to wrap Jimmy up like a pig in a blanket. My button, of course, is a takeoff of Howard “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” Dean”s web buttons and was meant for nothing more than having a little fun [...]

Dude, where’s my money?

A few months back, I wrote a piece looking at where the wife and I spend our money. So as I wrapped up the books for 2003, I thought it would be fun to take another look at the full year and see where all that money went. Throw out taxes, mortgages, the Santa Fe [...]

It’s just soooo hard to stay P.C.

The wife and I watched Food Network”s new Dweezil & Lisa show this morning. Lisa Loeb, of course, is a cute little thing, and Dweezil – being Frank Zappa”s kid and everything – should be a pretty cool dude as well. Who knows? It could be interesting, and I figured it worth 22 minutes of [...]

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