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BBD, The Destroyer

I had to go to PetsMart at lunch yesterday to pick up a new bark-collar battery for the Little Black Dog (yes, in addition to all his other charms, he also barks incessantly). While I was there, I thought I”d pick up a new inside toy for the Big Brown Dog, who has a fondness [...]

Everybody Loves Nick

What”s Job 1 for sportswriters and talk jocks when an NFL coach gets fired these days? Mention LSU head coach Nick Saban as the most likely replacement. And with the dismissal of Dan Reeves by the Falcons today, that”s all the buzz here in Atlanta. Of course Saban is on every NFL owner”s wish list [...]

Radial Cafe

I owe a payoff from our exploratory journeys to Radial Cafe for brunch. This sprang from a spirited discussion here at C.K.H.W. and the wife”s place about brunch spots in the “hood (consensus is that Heaving Bowl now officially sucks; Good News is good unless you”ve suffered food poisoning there.) So in those discussions, Woodhill [...]

When I think how my life was in danger …

Another followup from the SEC Championship Saturday night is also a followup on my post about “security” at Philips Arena (it involved me having to empty my pockets – except that I didn”t empty all of them, which was not a problem). TCL and I got up to the Ga. Dome entrance about 7:45 Saturday [...]

Look at the sugar falling from the sky …

Nobody in the LSU section of the Ga. Dome got my Larry Munson reference [above] near the end of the SEC Championship game. That”s ok. And I think I did see some sugar cubes getting tossed out onto the field. When Marcus Spears swallowed David Greene in the backfield on UGA”s last 4th down, the [...]

SEC Week 15 picks

Well, not a lot of games to pick this week ?� just that one here in Atlanta. Georgia??s a better team now compared to our Sept. 20 game, mostly because they??ve gotten over the injury hump. But LSU has probably improved even more, given the emergence of our freshmen running backs ?? giving us 5 [...]

Fortunately, my pockets were filled only with lint

Char-lez and I went to the Thrashers game last night (I finally won one of my company”s ticket raffles – damn good seats), and as we”re going in the doors we met with the requisite “security” procedure. In the case of Philips Arena, “security” consists of a guy standing next to a card table who [...]

And now back to football …

Big props to one John Adams of the Knoxville News Sentinel. In his column about the BCS today, he not only explains why LSU should be rated ahead of USC, but he – an AP voter – goes on the record as having moved LSU ahead of USC on his AP ballot this week: After [...]

Hey, look … a non-football blog

So I was out at lunch today and decided to swing by Media Play. I”ve been on somewhat of a mini-quest to legitimize my music collection by buying CDs of artists whose music I”ve borrowed through Kaaza and have begun to dig. [NOTE: The mini-quest is not driven by MP3 guilt, fear of the RIAA [...]

SEC Week 14 wrapup

C.K.H.W. is not a football blog, I swear … But LSU football is on my mind 24/7 nowadays, thus it filters into the blog. Again, sue me. My Tigers, of course, took care of business in a big way against the Hogs. Fate, however, was not so kind to us. On Saturday we were let [...]

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