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Carl DuBois on being a Tiger

I saw this in The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) this morning, and I thought about posting it if only for the enjoyment of myself and TCL, who is the only other known LSU fan who”s a regular Wisdom reader. But now that most of south Louisiana is reading the [...]

SEC bowl game picks

After a season of weekly SEC football picks, I”d be remiss if I didn”t turn in predictions for the seven bowl games featuring SEC teams. All seven bowls take place from Dec. 31 – Jan. 4 (hmm, six of the seven SEC teams in bowl games are playing in New Year”s Day bowls or better. [...]

When I think how our lives have been in danger …

Buried in the stack of mail that had piled up during our Christmas travels was an envelope from Hyundai Motor America with “IMPORTANT: SAFETY RECALL NOTICE” splashed across the front. When the wife and I bought her Hyundai Santa Fe almost a year ago now, the fact that the truck was made in Korea by [...]

The Right Reverend Howard Dean

Politics ain”t my thing here at the Wisdom – and neither is religion (in the sense of “religion is good”), but the stories coming about about asshat Howard Dean”s plan to talk up Jesus in the South compells me to mock. Dean, of course, is a politician. And politicians, of course, will say and do [...]

You never know what you’ll find on the PVR …

Editor”s Note: Cap”n Ken is nobody you know, especially if you came to this story from an E-Mail the fire victim sent you. In fact, Cap”n Ken”s name isn”t even “Ken”, much less “Kenny”. His real name is “Fred”. And you don”t know him. Promise. One of the first things I do when the wife [...]

The Pre-Christmas Christmas

Considering the wife and I spent a total of just 41 hours in Louisiana this weekend for Cap”n Ken”s Bizarre Family Pre-Christmas Christmas celebration, it was an eventful time. The highlights: • The adoptive mother of my niece – who my middle sister gave up for adoption 21 years ago and rediscovered a couple of [...]


Nearly two months into residency at the new house, we still haven”t unpacked a lot of stuff. But we did manage to unpack the DVDs late last week, so tonight I decided to pull out a prize of my collection – Dead Kennedys, The Early Years Live. Except for the fact that the medium is [...]

Cap’n Ken answers your search questions

This week the old search/mail bag brings us the following inquiries: does lsu wear gold or purple football jerseys for road games (Yahoo) Well, I tried to stay away from LSU football stuff this week … but since you asked, LSU actually wears white jerseys – not gold or purple – jerseys on the road. [...]

Cap’n Ken’s Pecan Stand

I discovered a few weeks ago that one of the old, mature trees in our new front yard is a pecan tree. Not being an arborist, I only discovered this when I was out raking leaves and saw a bunch of pecans on the ground. Logic took over from there. At first I tried to [...]

Taking it like real [california] men

I wrote a few days ago that the one group of people you won”t see complaining about USC being ranked No. 1 but not playing in the Sugar Bowl are the USC supporters. After all, if Oklahoma were to have beaten Kansas State last Saturday, USC still wouldn??t have made the BCS Championship game, and [...]

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