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SEC Week 14 picks

Yes, the 4th-straight football blog … it”s a short and busy holiday week, and LSU ball is getting too interesting to focus on much else at the moment. Sue me. And, being Thanksgiving week, the wife and I are not only heading out of town tonight, but Ole Miss plays Miss. State tomorrow, meaning extra-early [...]

The deep look at the BCS

NOTE: Despite the current color scheme of this blog, the little “tiger at a press conference” logo at top right and the fact that LSU is currently ranked No. 3 in the BCS, this piece is not about LSU”s chances to move past USC into the No. 2 spot of the BCS and play for [...]

SEC Week 13 wrapup

Try as I might – I don”t want to get ahead of myself – I can”t stop poking around the mathematics of the BCS. The chances look less than good that LSU can pass USC without a USC loss Dec. 6, and I”m not good at math, but it”s an interesting exercise nonetheless. So the [...]

SEC Week 13 preview

Week 13? We play Ole Miss for the SEC West title in week 13? 13?!?!? Jesus, man, you might as well just break all the mirrors in the locker room before the game. Actually, I guess the odds are 50/50 that the bad luck is for Ole Miss, not us. So I shall not get [...]

And speaking of PETA …

The anti-anti-animal people are taking heat for an ad they”ve produced that promotes dog neutering my making fun of Clay Aiken, the Martin Short impersonator who almost won American Idol or something (having never watched an episode, I”m not 100% on that, but I think maybe he lost out to a fat black guy). In [...]

Normally I’d not buy a P.O.S. American car … but these guys have the Trunk Monkey!!

Listening to the Neal Boortz show during lunch the other day, I heard an ad for a local car dealer. The spokesman for this dealer is UGA football announcer Larry Munson, who”s an ancient, incoherent relic who should be put out to pasture*. But I digress .. At the end of the ad, Larry throws [...]

The gay marriage thing

I don”t often get into the “big issues” Americans are talking about, except when I see a good opportunity to mock and poke fun. But the reaction to this “gay marriage” ruling up in Massachusetts has really pissed me off. I could rant on about this for a long, long time. But this blog isn”t [...]

SEC Week 12 wrapup

If Saturday night”s game at Alabama was the “late-season letdown” game for LSU, I”ll take it. The offense started strong, sputtered, and then recovered, while the defense didn”t let up all night long. We held Bama to just 65 rushing yards (actually above our average of 60) and, of course, 3 points (we still lead [...]

Getting Sirius

My new Sirius satellite radio unit arrived yesterday. We get free equipment and a deal on the service through my employer. So after enjoying Sirius in our L.A. rental car, I figured it was a deal worth getting on board with. There”s a lot to like about the Sirius lineup, including the First Wave stream [...]

SEC Week 12 picks

The week after 3 of the top-5 BCS teams lost found me paying a lot of attention – probably way too much – to the what-ifs and could-bes of the final weeks of the season. Is it better for us if Georgia loses to Auburn and we get Tennessee in the SEC Championship? … If [...]

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