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The move is on!

I got word today that “Randy” is turning over the keys to the new Casa Ken (and Casa The Wife) this coming Wednesday, enabling us to start our move on that day and be officially in residence by the end of next weekend (the moving / LSU-Auburn party is Saturday). So now everything swings into [...]

Yes sir, Mr. Randall. Whatever you say

On the way home from work today, my drive was held up for about 5 minutes as a big truck turned around and backed up on Grant Street. I was pretty annoyed until I got past the truck and realized it was from one of my favorite Atlanta companies – Randall Brothers. Randall Brothers is [...]

Fortunately, there are no sick kids in America who need medical attention

The news today is dominated by the story of Mohamed and Ahmed Ibrahim, conjoined twins from Egypt who were separated by doctors in Dallas during a 34-hour surgical marathon. I”m a compassionate guy (ok, maybe I”m not), but stories like this really bother me. To make life better – not to save their lives, even [...]

SEC Week 7 recap

Well, LSU finally pulled an LSU and turned to shit when it mattered. Florida came in with an excellent gameplan to counter our pressure-heavy defense, and Chris Leak made few mistakes, but my Tigers just didn”t come to play. Stupid penalties; dropped passes; an inability to stop Florida”s ground game and short passes; and just [...]

Ole Miss gives up

In Ole Miss” ongoing efforts to be more “inclusive” and shed its image as a relic of the Confederate South, Colonel Rebel was banned from football games this year. Colonel Rebel as window cling Colonel Rebel is the 25-year-old school mascot, who resembles a disgruntled Colonel Sanders with horrible fashion sense. It”s worth noting that [...]

SEC Week 7 picks

Big weekend for both the SEC West and SEC East races. Enough talk … get to predictions … LSU plays host to the Florida Crocodiles. Once again we face the consistency test. By all measures, the 2003 Tigers are better than the 2003 Crocs, but historically this is also when we fall apart. But I [...]

A Pity Link

I woke up this morning and checked in on the wife”s blog to see what she was working up last night as I drifted off to sleep around 9 (I haven”t been sleeping well, and it caught up to me). Turns out one of the “what”s pissing me off today” items she linked to was [...]

SEC Week 6 recap

Florida looks bad, mkay? I think Mr. Leak is going to have a tough time handling the crowd at Tiger Stadium, seeing as he was rattled by his home crowd against Ole Miss. To the recap! • Auburn / Tennessee. I didn”t hear a single commentator, analyst or announcer pick the No. 7 Vols over [...]

Thank you, Jesus, for keeping the Red Sox alive

After hitting the game-winning, elimination-stopping, 11th-inning home run at Fenway Park last night, Boston”s Trot Nixon explained what happened to ESPN”s Gary Miller: “I went to the plate asking the Lord to just calm my nerves … I told him to just calm my nerves and allow me to honor Him out there on the [...]

SEC Week 6 picks

Real quick, because LSU isn”t playing, and football picks don”t generate buzz on … • Tennessee at Auburn. Big game, and a tough one to pick. I still believe Auburn is not a bad team; they just have to prove it at some point. Obviously, now is the time to do so. A Tennessee [...]

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