SEC Week 6 picks

Real quick, because LSU isn”t playing, and football picks don”t generate buzz on …

• Tennessee at Auburn. Big game, and a tough one to pick. I still believe Auburn is not a bad team; they just have to prove it at some point. Obviously, now is the time to do so. A Tennessee win helps LSU and makes life hard for Georgia, though. In the end, I don”t think Tennessee is a 5-0 team, and I know Auburn isn”t 2-3. Auburn, 24 – 17

• Alabama at Georgia. Huge game for Georgia coming off the LSU loss. Alabama looked good for parts of the Arkansas game, and Arkansas looks very good. But on the road, I don”t think Alabama can expect the close contest they gave Oklahoma and Arkansas. Georgia, 31 – 17

• Ole Miss at Florida. Florida wins this one as Leak gets to start an SEC game at home. Call it a shootout – Florida, 45 – 31

• Vandy at Miss St. Wake me when this one”s over. MSU, 28 – 10

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