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SEC Week 10 picks

Well, this Saturday is November, the month where the contenders break apart from the pretenders in SEC play. LSU is playing out of conference this weekend against La. Tech, and although there”s no SEC implication, my Tigers find themselves in BCS contention and therefore all games matter this year. As I”ve said many times, LSU [...]

What a cracker that Cap’n is

Digging through referral logs tonight, I noticed a visit from a Blogspot blog I did not recognize. Turns out some of my work is referenced and rebuked on a blog called Silver Rights, which is focused on “civil rights and related issues.” I thought about emailing the writer of that blog back with my rebuttal, [...]

PETA on prowl against Mike V

Leave it to the nutjobs at PETA to use the Roy Horn tiger attack as a platform for pressuring LSU (and Southern) to get rid of their live big cat mascots. PETA sent “urgent letters” yesterday to the universities” chancellors urging them – in the wake of the Roy Horn attack – to immediately retire [...]

Moving weekend post-mortem

Our weekend of moving was eventful, to say the least. I could write about 10 separate blogs on it if I were so inclined. But I”m not feeling that ambitious today, so just the highlights. • The L5P U-Haul place has closed down; and that”s the good news. I”d made a reservation for a 17-foot [...]

SEC Week 9 wrapup

OK, I admit it. I was completely wrong about the LSU / Auburn game. It turns out we could hold those Tigers to our season average of just 53 yards rushing (actually, 50) and break their defense for an assload of yards and points. I”m glad Char-lez couldn”t make it over to the new house [...]

Let’s Make a Deal

Our (now) former tenant “Randy” is a really cool guy. He”s got this Moby / Michael Stipe vibe going, works in the Internet world and has great taste in music, art and – of course – houses. So I was pretty apprehensive about our scheduled meeting last night to hand over the keys and make [...]

SEC Week 9 picks

Yes, an early rollout for my weekend football picks (not that anybody really cares). With the move on tomorrow, I wanted to get this out of the way. So this is it. LSU / Auburn. Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium. The big showdown for the SEC West. LSU is ranked 9th, Auburn 17th or 22nd, [...]

It’s a Seven Twenty Who?

My Wednesday afternoon was spent at the new house, waiting around for the DishNetwork installation team. It was lonely over there; just me, the breakfast table we”d bought from the previous owners, and the piles of trash, dog hair and empty boxes the former owner/tenant had left behind (more on that later). That the Dish [...]

SEC Week 8 wrapup

Well, turns out LSU decided to take the team that played Georgia over to South Carolina and leave the team that played Florida at home. Good move. The Tigers gave up some really stupid big pass plays, and would have given up more if the Cocks could catch, but held the Love Commandoes to a [...]

SEC Week 8 picks

Things are much calmer this weekend, with the big Saturday of matchups behind us. But any weekend with SEC football is a good weekend. My Tigers are on the road in Columbia to take on the other USC. Shaping up as a defensive struggle. Look for Michael Clayton to have himself a decent enough game [...]

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