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SEC week 3 wrapup

Fun weekend of football; although the wife didn”t do me the favor of going home to see her parents this time (should be a requirement Sept – Dec), so it was hit-and-miss on pigskin watching. My boys in Baton Rouge took care of Western Illinois, although through the pain of fumbles, dropped passes and just [...]

SEC picks, week 3

Seems most teams – except LSU – are playing conference or significant games this week. We have one more warm-up before Georgia. So here goes:• LSU vs. Western Illinois – W. Ill is said to be the best DII team out there, but this should be a cakewalk (note the growing confidence that LSU is [...]

The Man in Black

The wife woke me up sometime around 6 this morning to tell me Johnny Cash had died. Quite honestly, I”ve been expecting to hear this news just about every day since June Carter Cash died four months ago. Seeing Johnny in the Hurt video some months back, it was easy to see, as the wife [...]

Theida Salazar for … whatever the hell she wants to do

As the wife mentioned in her blog today, I lost my wallet last night at Turner Field. Best as I can figure, it fell out of my pocket sometime in the last couple of innings. [note: I think I"ve figured out why my $9.99 Gap shorts were on clearance - shallow pockets]. I have a [...]

Britney endorsement withdrawn

First off, let me say that I do not receive any compensation for my extensive list of endorsements appearing in the right rail of Cap”n Ken”s (although I”d sure like to … T.L., your sister should send me some jambalaya). And among the products endorsed by the Cap”n until now was Britney Spears. Britney”s a [...]

Plate update

Yes, the news of Georgia”s new, URL-laden 2004 license plate did break here at Cap”n Ken”s. (see Why didn”t I see this coming?). My piece on the topic appeared August 14, and a Google news search shows the story breaking in the mainstream press more than two weeks later. So far there has been no [...]

Another Boy For Jesus

OK, I don”t try to be completely anti-”Christian” here, these things just seem to find me. Case in point: I was looking at LSU”s official site today to see whether a big Tiger freshman – QB JaMarcus Russell – is active, redshirted, or whatever. So I find his profile page (which is not particularly helpful), [...]

SEC week 2 recap

Well, my Bengal Tigers came through in a big way, spanking what must be the worst team in the Pac 10 (Arizona) 59-13. The game was never close, and despite the announcers” cheerleading of Arizona throughout the first half, they just couldn”t hang. It”s hard to make too much of the game, Arizona being so [...]

Pennies and Pounds

While the wife was in NashVegas this weekend, I started the very involved task of packing up for our impending move. The plan is to use our third bedroom – heretofore our “office” – as the staging area for boxes and miscellany as we pack up the house. The office works out well because we [...]

SEC picks, week 2

I got so wrapped up in Airport yesterday, I neglected to make my week 2 predictions. GameDay is on as I write this, so it”s down to the wire for my fearless predictions. My Bayou Bengals are in Arizona to take on the Wildcats. I”m not at all a fan of Pac 10 football (or [...]

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