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SEC week 5 in review

As the wife said, we”re laid up with some kind of death funk today. So just a quick catchup on the football weekend. LSU did not fall victim to the letdown syndrome, and beat the snot out of MSU. Seeing Nick Saban blowing his stack and yelling at players when we”re up 34-0 in the [...]

Nice to meet you, "Steve

For about a year and a half, women in Baton Rouge, La., lived in desperate fear of a serial killer. Six women were plucked from their homes, raped and murdered between Sept. 2001 and March 2003. The fear that gripped the city was unreal. My sister, who lives about a quarter-mile from the scene of [...]

SEC football review/preview

The L.A. vacation threw the normal posting schedule way off here at Cap”n Ken”s, and I didn”t get out my recap of last week”s football action. And Friday is normally my predictions day, so I”ve decided to split the difference with a special review/preview edition this week. So for the review: • LSU downs Georgia [...]

The LAX meltdown

As mentioned by the wife, I had a bit of a run-in with some federal agents at LAX on Monday morning. After enduring the ridiculousness of airport security and the TSA on just four or five round-trips since Sept. 11, 2001 (God help me and/or the TSA if I ever have to start traveling for [...]

L.A., Day 4

Sunday started at Mel”s Drive-In, yet another Sunset Strip landmark. We got in at the perfect time – not yet a wait, but almost full of people. So good people watching, including a very agitated guy who must be an industry guy who thinks he deserves a no-wait seat (Mel”s saw it differently). After breakfast, [...]

L.A., Day 3

Saturday was a driving day; but mostly intown. After an in-room breakfast of Starbucks and pumpkin scones, we headed west toward Westwood Village, the UCLA commercial village. It”s a cool area with plenty of coffee shops and cool architecture (apparently Westwood Village was developed in the late 20s). There are a number of old-school movie [...]

L.A., Day 2

As forshadowed in “The Cap”n on the coast”, our second day out left began at Duke”s Coffee Shop, next door to the Whiskey on the Sunset Strip. Yep, the place was where The Doors started, as witnessed by the big Doors poster on the wall. There”s talk that Duke”s is a great place to see [...]

The Cap’n on the coast

Greetings from sunny West Hollywood. The Cap”n and the wife arrived L.A. way yesterday, and we”ll be out until Monday. I won”t rant too much about the flight, except that Delta made us buy our own food AND still charged $5 to watch the movie (we watched The Royal Tenenbaums on the laptop instead). At [...]

God help us if we make old people, black people … or EVEN WORSE … old black people, sad

Dammit, I did NOT plan to blog thrice today. But as I was about to close the window displaying the Washington Post story about AOL Time Warner losing the AOL part of their name, the big animated GIF ad on the page caught my attention: OK, there”s a lot of fodder here. The Universal Service [...]

SEC week 4 preview

Yeah, it”s only Wednesday. But the wife and I are heading out of town tomorrow, and I shant neglect my football previewing duties. [note: yes, it is absolutely ridiculous that I am not going to be around for the LSU/Georgia game. In fact, I"ll be in a part of the country where it probably won"t [...]

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