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Week 1 Preview

You”ll notice the new, seasonal look here at Cap”n Ken”s. LSU Football, baby. We kick the season Saturday vs. the University of Louisiana at Monroe (all of the second-rate state universities, which used to be known as Northeast Louisiana, Southwest Louisiana, etc. lobbied to become “The University of Louisiana at …” a few years ago. [...]

Fame, fortune and friends

Who”s the most famous person you know? I started thinking about my connections to fame recently because of my friend Dave, who very well may become the most famous person I know before too long. More on that in a minute … I can”t say my links to fame are impressive. Of people I”d say [...]

Home Sweet Ours

It”s 9:06 a.m. as I write this, which hopefully means our seller is at the closing attorney”s office signing his part of the paperwork that makes his home ours and puts us in debt to the tune of a half-million dollars (from the scary finance sheet that shows how much interest we”d pay over 30 [...]

Sign of progress

Driving up to the cleaners/Starbucks yesterday morning, I noticed that the fine folks at Sembler have put up their “coming soon” sign for the Edgewood Retail District (heretofore known as “that Atlanta Gas place on Moreland” and not to be confused with the Edgewood Crackwhore District, which is about 500 yards south on Moreland). So [...]

Put the wheels back on …

I try to stay away from the “anger stuff” here at Cap”n Ken”s – I leave anger to the First Mate; she”s good at it – but the AJC really pissed me off today. The top piece of the Metro section ( editors seem to have more news judgment as it”s hidden online) was a [...]

PVR, take 5

We have another DishPVR 721 on the way. This will be the 5th one we”ve had since we bought (for $549) our original DishPVR 721 last fall. PVR No. 4 lived a week. No. 3 lived about 12 hours. No. 2 managed to function for a couple of months (including one complete crash of the [...]

Let Google do the walking

Checking the Cap”n Ken Mailbag this evening, I saw a note from a random East Atlantan who happens to live a couple of houses down from the Dutch Pimp house I referenced in one of the house-hunt blogs. Seems he recently moved to the street and was researching at Google. Search for +Stokeswood +”East Atlanta” [...]

Why didn’t I see this coming?

Two months ago, I did a blog about the use of URLs in license plates ( Tonight, as I”m doing some blog-topic research, I came across a link on the Ga. DMV site that reads “2004 License Plate Design”. Care to guess what the new Georgia license plates will look like? Yep, it”s a URL. [...]

Blah / Ho-Hum in 2004!

Very few bits of reality have amused me so much recently as has the fact that Liberia”s new president is named Moses Blah. Blah sworn in as Liberian president. Change “Liberian” to “American” and I think you have the Washington Post headline from Jan 21, 1977. President Blah. I like that. Really does seem like [...]

Sportsman’s Paradise

The phrase “it”s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn”t want to live there” was created for Louisiana. I”m an expert on this topic, having spent 46.7% of my time on this Earth living there (my native state, Georgia, has claimed 36.8% of my resident days, Alabama 13.7% and Tennessee 2.7%). I actually love [...]

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