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Did I really hear this?

I was on the road today at lunch and, being as TiVo does not make a device for radio yet, I heard a commercial that has me wondering if I actually heard what I think I did. The spot was for D. Geller and Son – the well known and generally despised discount jeweler here [...]

Great new Google toolbar

I find a lot of cool things (and a lot of crap) online, and rarely am I moved to share things with others. This is partly because I really don”t care about the happiness of others, and partly because I don”t want to be the guy passing things around on the Internet that my friends [...]

Common effing courtesy!

Basic human courtesy – sadly – is not one of the things I expect to encounter very often in the revitalization zone that is East Atlanta. My interaction with hoodies more typically involves things like incessantly barking dogs (the house behind me) left outside all night to howl; a 1978 Buick barreling down Van Vleck [...]

No bleeding on the edge … for now

I owe a payoff for the fearful blog about my PVR. Turns out everything was ok. Maybe the way to fix the thing is to leave it alone. In any case, no hard drive reformatting, customer service call or anything like that. Ashley Judd is safely burned to a DVD; and the world is fine. [...]

The bleeding edge

This is a blog of anxiousness and fear. I fear that when I get home tonight I”m going to have to reformat my DishPVR (DishNetwork”s TiVo thingy) and lose all of the TV shows I have saved on it. I know this from experience based on the box”s behavior. If I do lose everything on [...]

Tiger "Pride", indeed

Does LSU football coach Nick Saban know something we don”t? In my continuing preparation for Fightin” Tiger football season (54 days and counting), I visited this evening to see what”s new on the coach”s site. One of the things I wanted to check out was the new crop of Recruiting Whores he”d lined up [...]

All about the Benjamins

I”m a fanatic about money management. I”m one of those people who keeps track of every penny the wife and I spend, and I manage it all in Microsoft Money (I use NetBank and credit cards that download automatically into Money, so the work is more about analysis than typing in receipt details). Also, I [...]

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