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The House Hunt, Vol II

editor”s note: this is the second in an irregular series of blogs related to the recent house hunt of Cap”n Ken and his First Mate The House HuntTonight”s Episode: Image in a Cracked Mirror Spurned by the owner of our dream home, we set out with our Realtor to find an even better house – [...]

The House Hunt, Vol I

editor”s note: this is the first in an irregular series of blogs related to the recent house hunt of Cap”n Ken and his First Mate The House HuntTonight”s Episode: Venus as in Fly Trap The wife and I knew we would not be in our current house forever. I bought the place three years ago [...]

Hey, Hey Peaula

Over the past couple of weeks, I”ve been watching buildings crumble at the corner of Ormewood and Moreland. First the Simpson”s Food Store building went down (I shared a moment with Coffeeshop Dude that morning. I was driving west, he was pedaling east and our lives intersected in front of the rubble pile. We both [...]

Adventures at City Hall

My friend Edward laughed when I told him I”d been down to Atlanta City Hall to look up permit records for the house the wife and I are buying (note: the era of Cap”n Ken”s house-buying blogs starts now). He laughed not at the amazing anal-ness I was displaying in wanting to see what documents [...]

Death Becomes Them (aka They Become Death)

I was really bothered today looking at the second round of “death photos” of Qusay and Uday. Not because I think they shouldn”t have been killed or that we shouldn”t parade them around to prove they are gone. What bothered me so much was their post-mortem makeovers. Fuckin” freaky, man. When did the goverment have [...]

Do bribes work?

The wife and I are early in what for us is a multi-stage process of buying a new house (more on that to come in days ahead). The part we”re in right now involves refinancing the current house to a super-low 3-year ARM rate to provide some financial cushion in case we end up carrying [...]

The New New New New Economy

At the risk of boring the 60 percent of my audience who are, in fact, business and technology journalists and already know this, I was pretty surprised today when I took a look at what”s been going on with Internet stocks. I was led on this journey by reading an article (not from Bloomberg … [...]

Miss Georgia Prisons 2003

We had a great time Saturday down in Hawkinsville at the Miss Georgia Prisons 2003 pageant. The staff at Pulaski State Prison really pulled together a great event. Next year the pageant comes to East Atlanta (Metro State Prison), so mark your calendars for July 24. The show didn”t get a lot of play in [...]

Nobody gets my jokes …

.. or nobody but Charles is reading my blog now. See, in the piece I did Thursday (“Finally, a title for LSU football”), I threw in a bit about our first ESPY, which was for Warren Morris” homerun to beat Miami in the CWS. Trying to spice the piece up with a picture of Warren, [...]

Finally, a title for LSU football

Sure, we got our butts kicked in the Cotton Bowl, gave away the SEC West championship and the baseball team beat a hasty retreat from the College World Series, but all of that is now forgotten, for LSU has won an ESPY. Our ESPY comes in the coveted and highly-competitive category of “Best Play”. It [...]

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