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Lessons from the farmboys

Driving home on the connector tonight, I came up next to a group of 20-something guys in an old Ford Explorer with Kansas tags (for the record, there is no slogan or URL on the Kansas plate, and they haven”t had a slogan since 1974-75, when they had “Wheat Centennial” on their tag). The slack-jawed [...]

Saturday night on Gilbert

I feel a responsibility to write about what will no-doubt be the most blogged-about event in Ormewood/EAtl this summer. Charles expired another of his limited years on this Earth in June, so he threw himself a party. The parties on Gilbert are simple affairs, with a bucket of ice serving as the bar and some [...]

Coffeeshop Dude gets a new ride

Anyone who spends much time in The E-Atl knows about the guy who hangs out at Joe”s coffee shop pretty much all day every day. I call him Coffeeshop Dude. He”s a white guy with long, dirty dreds, probably in his mid to late 40s (although life as Coffeeshop Dude is probably hard, so maybe [...]

Snobbing on Bourbon

Over the past couple of years, I”ve become a full-time Bourbon drinker (in the sense that I always drink Bourbon when I”m out – not in the sense that I drink it constantly). Used to be I drank Bourbon during college football season and beer during those very sad other months when no football is [...]

Sunday at The Ted

Enjoyed a fine, hot, sunny afternoon at The Ted yesterday with the boys from Shakerville. I”ve got the sunburn to prove it (at least I wore a hat …) Not having been to many Braves games this year, it”s interesting to see the evolution of the ballpark experience. The Braves, like a lot of other [...]

Vegas wrap-up

NOTE: My blog on Vegas is lame. The wife is working up a more exhaustive and hopefully more entertaining account of our Vegas trip at her spanking-new Coffee Achiever blog. By popular demand (meaning both of the two people who know about this blog asked me about it), I present the wrap-up of the trip [...]

License plates have evolved into cheap advertising platforms for states. Drivers end up paying to have tiny mobile tourism billboards attached to their cars (think the auto-wrap advertising idea in reverse). We have “Georgia … on my mind”, Louisiana has “Sportsman”s Paradise” and Alabama has replaced “Heart of Dixie” with the curious “Stars Fell on [...]

The all-new Ghetto Kroger

You have to deal with a lot of crap living in the hood. Shiftless dudes hanging out on Moreland Avenue at all times of the day; piles of clothes, furniture and whatnot appearing on the curb outside the houses of the evicted (although the plus there is that you can get rid of just about [...]

Yeah, the first one

Like most things in my life, the creation of this blog was spurred by a sense of competition, one-upmanship or whatever you want to call it. I learn my boy Charles has one and a couple of hours later — poof, mine appears. Charles names his after his neighborhood; I name mine after my “hood. [...]

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